3 Modern Architectural Masterpieces You Can Recreate with Arckit

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create mini architectural masterpiece with Arckit

If you’re a lover of modern architecture with a penchant for working with your hands, then it’s time to invest in an Arckit.

Nominated for U.S. Toy of the Year for 2022, Arckit sells bespoke, sophisticated building blocks and complete packaging kits for children and adults alike, bringing architectural concepts to life right before your eyes. Inspired by real modern building techniques, Arckit is also an accredited STEM learning tool, offering a 'learning by doing' approach that enriches the experience of today's hands-on learners.   

So whether you're a teacher looking for your next innovative project, you're a current (or evergreen!) student of architecture, or you have a child who loves working with legos, Arckit is empowering a new generation of creators and architects with unlimited possibilities to create (and recreate) scaled structures and surrounding landscapes. 

mini modern architecture building kit Arckit

Arckit offers plenty of prepackaged model kits, but you can even design your own 3D floor plans and then bring them to life using the model kits. Each kit comes with building blocks, decals, cardboard furniture pop-outs, figurines, trees, and of course instructions. And while Arckit's in-depth how-to videos and detailed directions will walk you through exactly how to put the pieces together, don't let us stop you from attempting on your own!

These building kits truly take miniature creations to a whole new level. Featured here are three of our personal favorite Arckits - famous architectural masterpieces that you'll most likely recognize, and now have a chance to recreate yourself. 

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater House

Mid-Century Modern Architecture Frank Lloyd Wright Fallingwater House

Built to scale at only 6 inches tall, you can now build your own replica of an iconic Frank Lloyd Wright home. Considered one of Wright’s greatest masterpieces, Fallingwater House is located in Pennsylvania and is aptly named - built over the side of an actual waterfall. Fallingwater House integrates brilliant architectural elements with the location's natural surroundings, a core principal of Frank Lloyd Wright's unique organic style. Perfect for mid-century modern enthusiasts, the Fallingwater Arckit will take you deep into the mindset of the great FLW, and what better way to immerse yourself in this piece of history than by building it yourself?

Take a look at how to build Fallingwater House with Arckit:

The Edith Farnsworth House

Modernist architecture Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Edith Farnsworth House

A architectural masterpiece created by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the Edith Farnsworth House was originally conceived as a country retreat in Illinois for Dr. Edith Farnsworth. A seemingly basic structure with unparalleled design, the house is a sleek glass box, raised off the ground, and surrounded by nature. 

As an icon of modernist architecture, rebuilding this structure is a beautiful reminder of one of the style's core tenants - simplicity. We think you’ll have a blast piecing together this mid-century modern masterpiece - and perhaps even more-so in recreating the lush surrounding landscape that makes this property all the more unique.  

Take a look at how to build the Edith Farnsworth House with Arckit:

Tadao Ando’s Church of The Light

modern architecture Tadao Ando Church of the Light

A self-taught architect in Japan, Tadao Ando created Church of The Light in 1989, which impeccably highlights his philosophical framework of the juxtaposition of nature and architecture. The structure represents minimalism and duality in several forms, such as light and dark as well as stark and the serene, and the unadorned space creates the utmost pure atmosphere. 

Empty of typical articles and imagery you might find in a church, the only religious feature is composed of a large structural cross through which light passes to define the concrete space. Filtering in over the altar and lining up magically with the joints in the concrete walls, the cross projects magnificently onto the inside of the structure. A showpiece to display in your own modern home, we can’t think of a better bespoke craft project to take on.

Take a look at how to build the Church of The Light with Arckit:

Whether you choose one of these architectural masterpieces or select a different Arckit model, we're sure you'll be delighted by your end result.

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